Monday, December 10, 2007


how's your holiday??hehe...for me..
it was a rainy day..all along the day..
it's remind me 4 years ago..FLOOD!!!
but need not to worry..
can go anywhere..with my kancil..
i was so lucky coz internet in gua musang not server down and in good performance..
this holiday is so short..i wish i can celebrate new year in kb..
but..kuliah start on 31..haiya..
mybe i must ask my mastermind..what we must do now...huhu..

Thursday, November 22, 2007

story of blackjack, poker and maggi...

have you ever played poker?? or black jack?...
ha..i was spent all the night with stupid,dumb and such damn thing!!..well we just seat on haris' bed for 4 hours.what a waste our, to make more happily on this early morning and with our tummy that was so hungry..we've collected RM3 from each person and go to 24 hours called as seven eleven..(7eleven).Do you know what we have bought?
let me list all of them..

a) twisties
b) vanilla coke
c) mini chipsmore
d) ring snack
e) maggi
f) of course..a small box..hehe..

with maggi, we try to filled the stomach as we could.after that, we continued to fight poker..with a lot of syiling..(don't think that we've done the stupid thing..tak baik taw!!)actually we're good boy..very good boy.."steadyla",said albert the property of restaurant on kkf-b-209.
at 5.30 am..albert joined our group...we just laugh,laugh n laugh all the time..and my throat feel so sick..need to drink some water but vanilla coke...had bottle only..hehe..rilek2 sudaa..
we played blackjack when we're feel bored with poker..asyik2, aku jer kalah..surrender jela.."luck hang da lari tuh!!",said albert again..

penat, letih, lenguh, sume ada...most of us worn-out..and i wrote this blog with my tired eyes, tired body and many things..
everybody in exhaustion and need to heal..
ubat untuk heal senang jer...very easy..everybody loves it..
TIDUR!!!nikmat yang paling berharga..

facts : teenage need 8 hours to sleep..but baby need 12 hours to sleep..!!!

my bed just called me..see you soon..!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

today is freedom..

6.oo am..subuh berkumandang...

i'm feel very for last paper..(not just stay up for study..but with 'poker'..haha)
i think i must prepare some toyol..coz raja toyol n penaung dia dah datang tengok2 nota..siot..because many of us lost the spirit for final exam..sempena dengan toyol yang akan membantu dalam exam ini..(not me ya..!!)..(xnak ngaku)..there is new song from the brand new album SUM 41..Underclass Hero..the song title is..Speak Of The Devil!!!

Speak Of The Devil
by Sum 41

Trying to find a way
Getting better everyday
And I got you now I'm not alone
All I need in this life is one
One thing to believe in
I've seen many a face
From young and too old
I've stolen their faith and I have broken their souls
Was here before Christ had forgave you your sins
And paid your price and sealed your fate within
Days have come to an end
Today's the day that we meet again
The self-inflicted inebriation guilt never lies
I've been waiting for the chance to reunite this increment
Poison never hurt so good
So nice of you to speak of me
Your closest friend and enemy
And holy savior of masochists
Well it's the dead end slave
From the alter to the grave
It's the last days of our lives
In faith amen
Time, it's been so long
And now there's nothing to say
I'm trying so hard to find the words to say
I'm tired of being, now I'm something I'm not
I can't believe and I never thought
Days would come to an end
Well maybe someday we'll meet again
If ever that day never comes
It would be too soon
My love
I've been waiting for the chance to nullify this increment
Pull the cord to detonate
So sick of you don't speak of me
The reverend saint of misery
And holy savior of masochist
Well it's the dead end slave
From the alter to the grave
It's the last days of our lives
Well it's the dead end slave
From the alter to the grave
It's the last days of our lives
In faith amen

On the other hand, you can search on is the full video clip from this band...

another bands that i like to listening to their music is Blink 182, Plus 44, Angel and Airwaves, Boxcar Racer and so much more punk rock song...!!!

gudluck budak metalurgy!!!...

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

bermulanya adegankhayalan...


assalamualaikum wbt...... ni dpt gk aku settle kan...


actually, i've been waiting for so long to create this blog coz i don't have enough time to do so...

furthermore..don't have many idea..for my first starting about my blog, i wanna to share something with you all....

maybe some of you already know the Chicken Soup for the Soul..maybe some of you saw this book on library...or if you want to know more about this can take a break and go to Kinokuniya Bookstore..or maybe you can go to Popular Bookstore at KB Mall..(da lama xgi sana..almaklumla KB far from Gua Musang..haha..)..i saw this article last exciting..

enjoy jap this article..try to understand..n if any question that made you all confuse or anything,just comment...checkitd0ut!!!!

(story from chicken soup for the soul...just for my friends....n i love mama..n much..!!!)

A Son Starting Kindergarten...

When your big brother and your little dog and I walked you up to school today, you had no idea how I was feeling.

You were so excited, you had packed and unpacked the washable markers and safety scissors in your backpack a dozen times.

Sesame Street.

Because you are youngest, I had learned a few things by the time you came along. I found out that the seemingly endless days of babyhood are gone like light-ning. I blinked, and your older siblings were setting off for school as eagerly as you did this morning.I am really going to miss those lazy mornings when we waved your brother and sister off to school. I'd settle in with my coffee and newspaper, handing you the comics to color while you watched

I was one of the lucky ones; I could choose whether to work or not. By the time it was your turn, the glittering prizes of career advancement and a double income had lost their luster. A splash in the puddles with you in your bright red boots or "just one more" rereading of your favorite book, Frog and Toad Are Friends, meant more.

You didn't go to preschool and I'm not exactly Maria Montessori. I hope that doesn't hold you back. You learned numbers by helping me count the soda cans we returned to the store. (You could usually charm me into letting you pick out a treat with the money we got back.)

I'm not up on the Palmer method, but you do a fine job of writing your name on the sidewalk in chalk, in capitals to make it look more important. And somehow you caught on to the nuances of language. Just the other day, you asked me why I always call you "Honey" when we're reading stories and "Bud" when you're helping with chores. My explanation of the difference between a cud-dly mood and a matey one seemed to satisfy you.

I have to admit that in my mind's eye, an image of myself while you're in school has developed. I see myself updating all the photo albums and starting that novel I always wanted to write. As the summer wound down and more frequent quarrels erupted between you and your siblings, I was looking forward to today.

And then this morning, I walked you up the steep hill to your classroom with a picture of the president on one wall and of Bambi on the opposite. You found the coat hook with your name above it right away, and you gave me one of your characteristically fierce, too-tight hugs. This time you were ready to let go before I was.

Maybe someday you will deliver a kindergartner with your own wide-set eyes and sudden grin to the first day of school. When you turn at the door to wave good-bye, he or she will be too deep in conversation with a new friend to notice. Even as you smile, you'll feel something warm on your cheek . . .

And then, you'll know...