Thursday, November 22, 2007

story of blackjack, poker and maggi...

have you ever played poker?? or black jack?...
ha..i was spent all the night with stupid,dumb and such damn thing!!..well we just seat on haris' bed for 4 hours.what a waste our, to make more happily on this early morning and with our tummy that was so hungry..we've collected RM3 from each person and go to 24 hours called as seven eleven..(7eleven).Do you know what we have bought?
let me list all of them..

a) twisties
b) vanilla coke
c) mini chipsmore
d) ring snack
e) maggi
f) of course..a small box..hehe..

with maggi, we try to filled the stomach as we could.after that, we continued to fight poker..with a lot of syiling..(don't think that we've done the stupid thing..tak baik taw!!)actually we're good boy..very good boy.."steadyla",said albert the property of restaurant on kkf-b-209.
at 5.30 am..albert joined our group...we just laugh,laugh n laugh all the time..and my throat feel so sick..need to drink some water but vanilla coke...had bottle only..hehe..rilek2 sudaa..
we played blackjack when we're feel bored with poker..asyik2, aku jer kalah..surrender jela.."luck hang da lari tuh!!",said albert again..

penat, letih, lenguh, sume ada...most of us worn-out..and i wrote this blog with my tired eyes, tired body and many things..
everybody in exhaustion and need to heal..
ubat untuk heal senang jer...very easy..everybody loves it..
TIDUR!!!nikmat yang paling berharga..

facts : teenage need 8 hours to sleep..but baby need 12 hours to sleep..!!!

my bed just called me..see you soon..!!


Faiz said...

huhu. i dont know how to play cards. never been good at it lol

AdeganKhayalan TunTeja said...

hoho..doesnt matter laaa..just play n play..